Since Overwatch was released in 2016, I have made it a focus of mine to understand all aspects of the game. Since then, I have coached over a dozen top 500 players as well as 5 teams that skill levels range from Diamond average to all top 500 players. As a player myself, I have consistently played at a Masters level since season one, with around a 65 rank. One of my best coaching accomplishments was being hired as a head coach for the #2 team in Mexico Overwatch. I have played and coached players from all over the world and hope to continue to expand my Overwatch resume.


Before Overwatch, I got my foot in the door by coaching League of Legends. As one of the most popular games in the world, League was a great way to start my coaching career. I was able to find my coaching style and have now perfected my coaching system and techniques in order to give my clients the best results.    





Every competitive game I join I start by typing FILL in chat. My primary goal is always to improve and find new ways to be effective with the hero I've chosen. I'm always learning and this method of play allows me to see how others learn and gives me the ability to understand how people improve.

Meet Scott Turner 


I am a 21 year old Canadian university student looking to help others get serious about Overwatch. I joined the game in the open beta and was instantly hooked. I know that Overwatch is going to be the next big eSport and I want to be a part of this game's history.

Communication is Key!
My main belief is that communication is the key skill that can elevate teams and players to the next level. Let me give you the tools to improve your communication skills and help you build a stronger foundation that will have a plethora of effects on the rest of your game.