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Writing Update: Inspiration - February 12, 2023

I am actually writing this on Saturday because I am watching the Superbowl on Sunday. Pardon the immersion break. This was an inspirational week for me but not in a way that is going to translate easily into writing. This week I finished an H.P. Lovecraft book (and wrote a review which is available to read now), I started listening to Good Omens, and I sped through The Alloy Of Law. Three of my favourite genres (Horror, Fantasy, & Dry British Humour) but all of them so different from eachother. This is exactly why I struggle to define my interests and I hope this is what will also help me to be a unique storyteller. So the feeling I'm left with right now is a mixture of excitement and frustration, I feel like I just bought 10 new books and I have to pick which one to start with. Funny enough, my next story isn't going to be like any of those either. But, I am going to try and pull some of the interesting elements from each into the story. The worldbuilding of Lovecraft, the plotting of Sanderson, and the humour of Gaiman & Pratchett. I hope to include a bit of each of these but in a Sci-Fi setting. I revealed in the website update on Friday that the title of this new story is going to be 'The Ice Bowl.' I'll reveal now a bit more about the story.

The Ice Bowl is planned to be Cowboy Bebop meets Fight Club. The Ice Bowl is an arena in the shape of a bowl with a floor of ice. Any citizen can fight and many, especially poorer ones, do in order to receive incentives such as food, money, or the potential to drastically improve their lives. We are going to follow characters who have spent years becoming expert fighters as they attempt to finally make their way to greener pastures. But, the introduction a young girl may change their plans.

The plan is to post the completed story next Sunday, February 19th. I tried to limit the characters as much as I could but even still I believe this story is going to be closer to 10,000 words so there is a chance it may be delayed. One other note on inspiration, I have started to keep track of things that I come across that inspire me. So far that includes a modern furniture designers catalogue and an album cover. My goal with this is to be more attentive to what brings me inspiration and hopefully I can draw on this if I am ever lacking inspiration.

Finally, until I have a better space to keep track of these things this is going to be where I post short stories and their outlines. Last week I posted 'The Artist' and I wanted to share with you all what outline I used to write the story. So I have scheduled another post today that will include the outline as well as some comments I made now that the story is published.

That's all, thanks.

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