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Writing Update: Dialogue - March 10, 2023

My new story 'The Job' is going well. I may not be finished by Sunday, March 12 but that's just because I have terrible time management skills. I keep finding gaps in the outline that I didn't foresee and spending way too much time trying to make it realistic. Which is insane because the story is literally about Cat people. But, I still like the story and the characters and I am hopeful that it will be an interesting read once finished. I am also enjoying the experience of figuring out my process. Here is a new strategy I recently developed:

I think I've figured out dialogue. By which I mean I still suck at dialogue but I have found a way to do a better job at it in the meantime. I am choosing to skip over dialogue on my first go through, focusing on what happens in the story and leaving large empty chunks on the page to fill in later. Then I can go back and look at how the characters are feeling in the moment and let that inform their speech. My hope is that this will help me spend less time stuck on dialogue passages and more time getting words down.

Short update today, I want to get back to the story.


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