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What is Coachscott's book reviews and writing blog?

I used to be a voracious reader, as a kid I would read entire books in a day and then start the sequel for dessert. I read frequently as I grew into a young adult but only for an hour before bed. When I went away to University, I stopped reading for a decade. It wasn’t something that I prioritized in my day. I would occasionally force myself to read a few pages before bed but I wasn’t reading more than 2 books a year. Fast forward to 2022, I heard about an Author breaking the record for most money raised for a Kickstarter. I took that as a massive endorsement and so I went on Amazon and bought the first three Mistborn books. I went from reading 200 pages a year to 250 a day, my love for reading was back. I read all of Mistborn, then I went through the Stormlight Archives, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, everything I had missed out on reading I devoured. I started to expand my tastes, I read Jane Austen, and H.P. Lovecraft, and for the first time I read non-fiction. I read when I can and think about what I’m reading when I can’t. I stumbled across some genius advice which I’ll paraphrase: ‘if you read books that are easy to differentiate, you can read multiple books at once.’ I adopted a strategy, at any one time I may be reading 6 different books, 1: Fantasy/Scifi, 2: Horror/thriller, 3:Non-fiction, 4:Philosophy, 5: Short-stories, and 6: The Count of Monte Cristo. I love to talk about books, what I thought of them, predicting outcomes, getting recommendations. But, as I want to continue to expand my interests I am running out of people who are interested in those same novels/genres. That is what I want this to be, an outlet for me to express my thoughts on the things I am reading, an incentive to continue reading and expanding my reading interests, an organized catalogue of my opinions, and a potential source of unlimited book recommendations. Why Because I forgot to cancel the payment on this website and I have the premium version until June. What can you expect from Coachscott? Book reviews, maybe a few blog posts, frequent changes to the website as I learn what is possible/feasible. This project is mostly for myself but I will be trying to make it entertaining as well. If you have suggestions for the website I am open to them, book recommendations would be sweet as well but I am about 10 books behind in my To Be Read. I'll try to update the home page with my reading progress or you can also check out my Goodreads. Thanks for reading.

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