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Schedule - Coachscott Website Update Feb 3, 2023

So far with this website I have been posting and editing and updating whenever I felt like it but that is going to change. I want accountability and I want readers to be able to have something to look forward to each week. So, I have settled on a schedule that I think I can maintain every week. Like everything else about this project this is subject to change but right now here is my plan:

Fridays: Website Update, Q&A, Book Reviews

-Website Update: These will be posted every Friday. This will be for any updates I have made or plan to make to the website.

-Q&A: I am open to feedback and suggestions for books and also for the website design. Fridays will be my opportunity to address any interesting comments. Don't expect any soon

-Book Reviews: Every Friday I will be posting book reviews for any books or audiobooks I have completed recently. I probably finish about 1 book and 1 audiobook every week so I hope to have a review available every week. The book reviews will be more comprehensive than the audiobook reviews but I will give a rating on each.

Sundays: NaNoWriMo Practice, Orangutan Island Progress, Writing Updates

-NaNoWriMo Practice: In order to practice writing for NaNoWriMo I am going to be posting short stories. They won't be very good, or edited at all really, but they may be interesting. I am looking at creating a page for all my short story ideas so I can just pull one that grabs my interest and write ~5000 words each week on a topic. These stories will be posted on Sundays for free in their entirety

-Orangutan Island Progress: I will be re-reading and making adjustments to the Orangutan Island Story. For those who don't know, this is the novel I plan on writing in November. I have already written 2 drafts and multiple outlines, the plan is to post what I have already written on Sundays with comments on what I plan on changing in the final draft. I am not allowing myself to rewrite any part of the story (with one exception) before November so this will be a completely authentic copy of my writing process. The one exception is Chapter 5 (available to read now on the front page) which I will allow myself to rewrite any number of times before NaNoWriMo in November. Sunday posts will most likely be an early version of a chapter or an outline or a Ch.5 rewrite with notes on what I was thinking and what I am thinking of doing in the future.

-Writing Updates: Sundays will also be my opportunity to share anything I have learned or wondered about during the week. I spend a lot of time trying to improve my reading, writing, storytelling,

Other updates:

-Catalogue To Be Added: Eventually I want to create a catalogue of book reviews that is searchable by rating, author, genre, etc. I want to have different 'Shelves' available to look through, like an interactive library. One shelf would be for book reviews, one for audiobook reviews, but also one shelf would be for books in my To Be Read stack. This way readers could look through all the books I own and get my thoughts on the books I've read and see what I'm planning on reading in the future. I'm not in a hurry to create this, I currently don't know how to do it and for now the amount of content there is to search through is quite small.

That's all.


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