I have started a Twitch stream. CoachScottT

For a long time I was unable to think about streaming in any capacity because the hardware I had just couldn’t handle it. I was getting very low frames when I was playing games and adding the stress on of having a livestreaming made it impossible for my computer. I now have a rig capable of livestreaming games and for that reason I have decided to do some morning livestreams. This means that from 12:00-4:00pm EST on weekdays I will be livestreaming various things. This blog post is to see what sort of content you guys will want to see livestreamed. For now I am livestreaming the internet sensation FortNite Battle Royale, mainly because I want to get to level 80 by the end of the season for those rewards. Other games I will be playing are Overwatch on both my main account (GM Tank main) and my smurf account (Diamond DPS main), as well as League of Legends and PUBG. The other content I will have on the livestreams I am undecided on. An Idea I have is to do an Overwatch League watch party sort of thing. I would sync my stream up with the Overwatch league and give my insights to the plays and gameplay going on. I wouldn’t be able to actually broadcast the Overwatch League live, I believe, but the idea would be to have you guys watching the Overwatch league and have me giving my commentary alongside it. My other Overwatch coaching based idea would be to do live VOD reviews of Overwatch League games as well as user submitted VOD reviews. I feel like combining both my love for Overwatch Coaching as well as video games in general will make my stream a unique place for the type of content I would enjoy watching. Any other ideas are welcome as well as if you want to submit any VODs then I will compile them until I have enough for a 4 hour stream and then that stream will happen (I will let you know beforehand when I have enough for this). I am also considering doing a giveaway at certain follower numbers, things like coaching sessions and maybe Overwatch League gear or tokens. I really look forward to starting this Livestream and I hope you guys will enjoy it as well!


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