How to improve your aim in Overwatch

There are a lot of tips and tricks for improving your mechanical skill in Overwatch. Famously, Effect from the Dallas Fuel has a regimen of 1 hour of Osu! Followed by 30 minutes of aimbooster every day before doing any Overwatch Competitive play. This makes him able to have incredibly accurate tracking but is it necessary to be an aim god? No, probably not. One thing I have found is that the mouse skills you practice in other games help you a small amount in Overwatch but the best way to improve your aim is to play more Overwatch. That being said there are some tricks that can drastically increase the rate at which you can improve your aim. For the past little while the two most dominant DPS heroes have been Widowmaker and Tracer which are also the most aim intensive. Because of that I will tell you one way to improve your aim for each of those two heroes. I have used both of these methods and became much more accurate because of these strategies. My technique for practicing aim as Tracer is a lot less fun but also more effective. What you want to do is go into a custom game and change the settings so that you are versus Ana bots with headshot only activated for both side. Introduce as many Ana bots as you want and then start shooting them in the head. I used to do this for 15 minutes every day before playing ranked to warm up and it was really helpful for improving my aim. You also want to keep track of your statistics, primarily the critical hit %. You will likely start out rather low, around 10% or lower, and then slowly climb up to around 15% at the end of the 15 minutes. At that point it’s probably better to go into competitive because you have the aim equivalent to a Masters tracer. Now, Widowmaker is a lot more fun to practice because you can start right away by playing against other players. Go into the public custom games and search up “hs.” What you want to find is a Widowmaker only Headshot only server (either 1v1 or free for all depending on preference. You probably wont want to do 1v1 until you practice quite a bit however). Now depending on your skill level you can play in a “bad widow only” server where the players are worse but still quite impressive, or you can play in a “good widow” server where you see players that are much more skilled. There’s even a possibility that you will run into a pro player (I’ve played in a server with SFShock Babybay and NYXL Pine before). These servers are good for warmup or for improving your aim at all skill levels. Don’t be intimidated if you start off and are unable to get high on the scoreboard, everything takes practice but these servers should be a fun way for you to get your practice in. So those are the two best ways to practice your aim for Tracer and Widowmaker. Lastly I’ll say that you can’t only practice using these methods. There has to be a point where you go into real games, quick play or competitive, and practice against all types of moving targets.

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