My Top 5 Overwatch League Players

The way this list is structured is based on which players outperform other players in a similar role. For that reason DPS players will be ranked lower than Tank/Supports because they rely on mechanical skill which can be learned really quickly and means the DPS in OWL are all pretty close in skill level

#1 Fissure – To me, Fissure is the best player in the league. Because Winston doesn’t deal a lot of damage and doesn’t have a lot of health, you have to maximize your game sense and positioning in order to be effective. Because Fissure is the best Winston in the world, in my opinion, and Winston is the hardest hero to master, again in my opinion, this puts him at the very top of the list. Also look at how he can single handedly carry a game as a hero that relies on his team so much.

#2 JJonak – JJonak is the worlds best Zenyatta. Every player in the league tries to emulate him and players suffer from trying to copy the style that the NYXL employs which heavily relies on his skill on Zenyatta. He was the first Zen to be a true 3rd DPS for his team which is also why I put him below Fissure even though he probably outclasses his peers more than Fissure does. Because he relies on landing kills and hitting shots, his competition will likely catch up to his skill level quicker than they would Fissure who relies more on his game sense.

#3 Space – LA Valiant have begun to perform really well in this stage of OWL and a lot of that is due to Space finding his footing on There used to be a saying that the only time you notice a Lucio player is when he made a mistake. Now that same saying could apply to You will not see Space getting too many crazy plays but you will see his teammates making crazy plays because Space kept them alive where another wouldn’t be able to.

#4 Custa – Even though I’m not a Valiant Fan it’s impossible to deny how good Custa has been playing on Mercy. In stages 1 and 2 he was a Zenyatta player and he wasn’t that effective, as soon as he made the switch to a Mercy player/shotcaller his new team skyrocketed in the standings. Mercy players are really easy to analyse because they only have 2 abilities. By seeing when a player goes for a stupid resurrect or uses Valkyrie at a bad opportunity, you can tell how good they are. Custa is really good, he doesn’t make dumb mistakes like other Mercy’s and because Mercy is a hero that your team can’t afford to lose in a team fight it gives his team a large advantage.

#5 Architect – This is the Widow meta. Actually every meta is the Widow meta because she is really strong in the right hands. Architect has the right hands. Even though he has only played in a handful of games, I can confidently say that he is the best Widowmaker in the Overwatch league. Not only does he have the aim needed to be a good Widow but he has a level of aggression that no other player can match. I remember in one match on Route 66 Architect chased down a low health Winston all the way to his spawn in order to kill him and deny the enemy Mercy any ult charge. He realizes the importance of cleaning up these kills and will not stop to chase down low health targets after a fight. My final reason for Architect being such a strong player is that he can also flex on to other heroes as well as anyone else. Sombra to Widowmaker to Pharah is not easy but he can pull it off because he is insane.

These are my top 5 players in the Overwatch league. If think my list is wrong it probably is but these players really stood out to me as overachievers in recent weeks. When any of these players are on stage I pay more attention because I know something crazy could happen at any moment.

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