How Quick melee and perfect coordination can counter the Mercy meta

Quick melee is a totally undervalued aspect of Overwatch. While the quick melee only does 35 damage, it also is unavoidable, able to deal damage through shields like Winston/Reinhardt, and it is instant damage. The fact that it is instant is important because it means that healing over time will have little to no effect and reactive abilities like zaryas shield or Ana’s healing grenade wont be able to counter any of the damage. The reason that the quick melee isn’t really considered is because it very rarely does anything. 35 damage is almost never the difference between a kill and the opponent surviving. Quick melee is commonly used in coordination with other abilities that are instant, unavoidable, and deal damage through shields as well as having some quick movement attached to them. These abilities are Genji’s rapid dash and Winston’s leap. I want to take the quick melee a step further and think about it in its most effective terms. Both Winston’s leap and Genji’s dash deal 50 damage and quick melee does 35 damage so either combo is an instant 85 damage to a hero. Now if you were to perfectly time two heroes using there 85 damage combos together you would be dealing 170 damage instantly which is enough to kill Tracer and zero suit What we want is to be able to kill 200hp heroes which will require 30 extra damage from another source. This damage does not need to be instant, it just needs to be there when the instant damage arrives. You can get really creative from where this 30 damage comes from, maybe you play tracer and have her blink in at the same time as the others to deal an instant 200 damage. You can also have Winston use his left click for 1 second which will deal 50 damage so if they don’t heal more than 20 hp in that 1 second than you will be able to get a 1 shot kill with the regular combo. Any other poke damage will work as well but I believe the most consistent will be to have another character who can do an instant melee like or Tracer, the problem with either of these is that your devoting 3 heroes to being divers and not protecting your team so the overall team comp can suffer. So I’ve made it clear that the one shot combo is able to be really consistent and effective at eliminating one 200hp hero. The reason that I bring this up now is because we will be entering a meta where picks are going to be less effective UNLESS the pick is on the enemy mercy. If you can devise a strategy where you can kill the enemy mercy 100% of the time before she is able to get a resurrect than you will be increasing your chances at winning by a huge amount. So this is the strategy that I think will be prevalent as the only things that counter it are knowledge of the strategy and then something like a Zarya shield to protect mercy or a Pharah to keep mercy at a place where she cant be damaged by Winstons leap or Tracer’s damage for the most part. If the enemy chooses to maintain a team comp without these and thinks the best plan is to have mercy play really far back then she will likely be less effective at healing her team, also giving the advantage to the team with the quick melee strategy. I think that Overwatch is a game where any damage dealt that can be healed is inefficient and as teams advance they will start trying to perfect strategies where they don’t deal damage that can be healed back. Quick melee is an integral part of creating these efficient strategies and I know that we will be seeing future teams using better coordination to gain an advantage.

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