Why Immortals has earned themselves a devoted fan.

Immortals were the season 0 contenders champions in North America and are still a strong team in season 1. The team was composed of Agilities: who I share Canadian heritage with and is one of the worlds best Genji players, GrimReality: one of the worlds best McCree/Widowmaker players, Verbo: another Canadian and strong Support Lucio and shotcaller, and Hyped: a strong and reliable flex tank. Recently they added 3 koreans to the roster, Kariv: a Zenyatta headshot machine, Fate: A main tank without fear, and Envy: a backup flex tank that can swap out with Hyped if either is feeling off. Looking at the roster alone Immortals looks like a team of stars that were put together to try and create a super team. Much like a world cup team who is just composed of the best players in each role Immortals looks like they are capable of huge plays but do they have synergy as well? Yes, they do. The Korean half of the team have great synergy in roles that require it and the North American part of the team work well with eachother as well as their Korean teammates even through language barriers. So from the roster alone we can see that Immortals is stacked. They won Season 0 with really limited practice time with their new roster and now that they have more time together they are looking even stronger all the while with the potential for incredible star plays from every player. But Immortals didn’t grab my attention from their roster alone. I’m not someone who cares about the strength of a team but more about the excitement that they can bring. In the recent match between Immortals and Rogue (Rogue is thought to be one of the strongest teams in NA right now so this was a real tough matchup for Immortals), Immortals was down 2-1 in a Bo3 scenario and their next map was Gibraltar. In the map Immortals was not doing so hot, they got to the end off of some really clutch plays but there was a lot of luck involved and you could tell that it was more about Rogue slipping than Immortals forcing the points. And then when the first half of the game was over immortals had been able to push to the end of the map with a lot less time than Rogue had. Their level of play, however, did not change whatsoever. They kept pushing and taking fights the same way they had been for 45 minutes of the series and they got a huge opportunity to push through the first point of Gibraltar. And then they got off of the point and Overtime ticked down putting them in a really bad position to defend against Rogue for somewhere around 3 minutes. I admit that I was tilted from the c9 I just witnessed from Immortals but somehow they were less tilted than me and they managed to stave off Rogue for the entirety of their offense and took it to a KotH map. At this point I started to believe in Immortals and was audibly cheering at the Computer every time they would win a fight and turn the point and there were some real times where they looked like they could win the map. However, they lost the KotH losing to Rogue 3-2 in the Bo5. Immortals proved to me that they are capable of reverse sweeping a team that is arguably stronger than them. The same reason that I root for Runaway and Samsung Galaxy (LoL) and now Immortals is that even if one of my teams is losing, I will watch until the end because anything can happen when you watch them play

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