How to fit Torbjorn into a team composition

Whenever I created team comps my favourite hero to try and figure out how to fit in was Torbjorn. Whenever I play Torb I feel like I’m doing nothing but I know that my turret is preventing such a huge area of the map and forcing their flankers to approach from a central approach. The fact that my aim is terrible also contributes to my ineffectiveness on Torb but this article is intended to be about how to make him more effective. In order to understand the role that Torb fills you have to think about Overwatch from a positional perspective. In a game like Counter-Strike or Ice Hockey, you may think that the entire game boils down to mechanical skill but that is not true. Every location that is occupied by a player cannot be occupied by another player. In Counter-strike it extends farther, in the sightline of any individual player is a location that an enemy cannot be in. This is how Torbjorn should be locating his turret. He can create an extra area of pressure where the enemies cannot go to. This sounds simple, your first thought when you put down Torbjorn turret is that you want to stop flankers from killing your supports but there are more complicated uses for his turret. His turret is a 7th hero on your team so if you are playing a composition with Ana, Soldier76, and Torbjorn, you can make it really difficult for the enemies to push Ana and Soldier out of position because they have the support of your turret. Meanwhile the rest of your team is extra safe as well because you can position yourself as Torbjorn with the rest of the team creating 2 stronger positions for your team to hold on. This means that if you want to fit Torbjorn into a team comp it is going to be on defence and paired with heroes that like to hold positions. This means any Healer/Longrange DPS combo pair great with Torbjorn. The other factor when considering when to play Torbjorn in your team comp is the map that you are playing on. Before the dive meta, teams were still running dive comps on attack and defence on certain maps. Gibraltar, Numbani, KotH maps, etc. The reason that Dive comps were chosen on these maps is because on these maps there was no place for your team to set up on. Any map where Reinhardt is less effective is a map where Dive comp thrived. But, there was an alternative! What Torbjorn does is create a point of interest for the enemy team wherever his turret is. If the enemies are able to push straight into your team without fearing any sort of high ground or environmental advantage then they will do that. But if you are on a map like Gibraltar First point where the enemies will push onto you on equal footing in the control center, a Torbjorn turret on the high ground will force them to have to take a different path to destroy the turret first or they have to fight your team with it alive. In this scenario Torbjorn’s turret acts as a Widowmaker or Hanzo off to the side that the enemies have to swap to deal with, and if they don’t deal with it fast enough (<60 seconds) then Torbjorn will be able to use molten core which can almost guarantee a won team fight. In conclusion, Torbjorn should be used on maps where there is no positional advantage for the defence as he can create his own.

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