The competitive viability of DOOMFIST!

Doomfist is a new offense hero in Overwatch, he is incredibly mobile and can deal a lot of damage if you are effective at landing shots in between abilities. But will Doomfist see any play in competitive? I believe so. In my opinion, Doomfist fills the role of a disruptor, not so much a DPS. He is a hero that is so mobile that he can target any hero in almost any position. He can also deal a ton of AOE damage as well as providing some crowd control if the enemies are grouped up. Add on to that, Doomfist has a self shield when he hits with his abilities. Ultimately, Doomfist can jump into the enemies, if they are grouped or if they are spread, and cause complete havoc. Compare him to a or a Winston, if either of those jumps on the enemy soldier and your team has a Pharah then the enemies aren’t going to be allowed to have their primary hitscan maintain focus on your teams Pharah. Other opportunities for Doomfist to succeed are if your team has a Soldier 76 or a Tracer who is being denied by the enemy Because Doomfist has a knockback and a knockup and all of his abilities deal damage through defense matrix, it makes him great at dealing with The role of Doomfist in competitive Overwatch will be an enabler for his teammates. While it’s unlikely that he will be the one getting a ton of kills he will be so annoying and impossible to deal with that it will take pressure away from the other carries on your team. In a competitive team this means he will likely take the spot of the second DPS OR, he will replace as she typically focuses on denying the enemy carries which Doomfist should be able to do. Because Blizzard is still tweaking the base numbers of his kit, and because we have yet to see pro players piloting Doomfist it’s not possible to say whether or not his kit will be good enough to see play. When Sombra was released it was clear that she had potential to have a huge impact on the meta but it wasn’t until they reduced cooldowns and cast times on abilities that she was able to be a competitive pick. Personally, I believe that Doomfist has a role in Overwatch that no other hero does. No other dive hero has the amount of Crowd Control or killing potential that Doomfist does so I am confident that he will see play in the current meta, given the limited hero pool. The last thing about Doomfist that I will make note of is his ultimate. His ultimate is pretty bad in competitive play. It requires follow up from a teammate in order for it to be more than a zoning tool. Ideally you would use your ultimate on top of the enemy Ana/Zenyatta and because they are slow they will probably die. The problem becomes that with the help of a Lucio, the Ana/Zenyatta can just run out of killing distance. You will also land in a position where the enemies can kill you easily since you are diving the backline so you will probably die. I think in order for Doomfist to be able to use his ult you will need to pair it up with a CC ultimate like Reinhardt or Zarya and you will have to meet a lot of other requirements in order for your ult to have any effect. In conclusion, Doomfist is a really cool hero and I will probably be playing him whenever I can. He will likely be viable, if his base numbers aren’t high enough for him to see play then Blizzard will tweak him a little bit. Hopefully the release of Doomfist into the live game will shake up the stale metagame we have been dealing with.

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