How to create a strategy

A lot of people seem to think that creating a strategy in a game is something that requires a lot of luck and an innate level of skill in strategizing. Really all it takes to come up with a successful strategy is a hell of a lot of game knowledge and one situation that can be repeated. Back when I coached teams I would see them running into the exact same team comps on certain maps. The one that strikes my mind is the triple tank comp on Hollywood when triple tank was at it’s strongest. (For the sake of clarification I will least out both team comps here: MY TEAM: Zarya, Reinhardt, Genji, Soldier 76, Ana, Lucio. THE ENEMY TEAM: Zarya, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Soldier 76, Ana, Lucio). One game my team was struggling to get a footing until one engagement they went in with a Graviton surge and backed it up with a dragonblade for an easy team wipe and they took the first point. This situation was made possible because the Graviton surge was able to catch 4-5 members and they didn’t have a defensive ult available which seems like it was just luck. To turn this situation into a strategy we have to think about ways of making this a consistent, replicable strategy. Because the meta was to run triple tank and to have them all group up in a “deathball” the multi man Graviton surge is easy to replicate. If the enemy team is spread out further it could be the responsibility of my team’s Soldier 76 to position himself in a way that the enemies would want to group close behind a shield. On Hollywood this means taking the high ground patio position which forces the supports either back into the café or closer to their tanks which enables a better Zarya ultimate. The other factors that need to be for this strategy to be a success is that the enemy Lucio needs to not have his ultimate available. This can be achieved by using a nano-visor in the previous fight with will either get the enemy lucio to use his ult or the enemy team to wipe which allows my team to take the point anyway. The rest of the pieces of the strategy are minor mechanical abilities that enable a success. Genji is going to use Dragonblade to clean up the enemies in the Graviton surge so Zarya needs to have her E ability off of cooldown to protect Genji from any CC abilities like Roadhog hook or Reinhardts Earthshatter. Now we have to think of things that can mess up the strategy. The enemy Ana can use her sleep dart on My team’s Genji to stop our strategy so My Zarya will likely have to shield Genji earlier (Note: Genji is most vulnerable to a sleep dart during the ultimate animation where he unsheathes his sword when he cannot control his movement very much so Zarya shield will need to be on him at this point). The other things that can mess up My team’s strategy is the enemy Roadhog’s ultimate or the enemy Zarya’s ultimate. The enemies Graviton surge is only able to land on either My Genji, or the rest of My team, either half of my team (Ulting Genji/The rest) is able to kill the entire enemy team so this ability alone is not much of a worry. The best way for the enemy to deal with this strategy from my team is to use both Graviton surge and Whole hog to disengage as best as they can. And this is the downside to this strategy. There are things My team can do like trying to use Genji reflect to continue to deal damage through Whole hog or to try and use My Reinhardt’s earthshatter to secure a teamfight but the fact that my Strategy has a hole in it does not make it unviable. Every strategy has counterplay towards it, if It doesn’t then it needs to be patched as that is the definition of Overpowered. This Blog post was designed to describe how it can be useful to analyze any of your teamfights to see how it can be replicated. When pro teams come up with strategies they likely don’t sit at their desk for hours trying to come up with strategies, they probably just watch VODs and say, “Hey, we can probably make that happen again.” Strategy isn’t magic, it’s science, hopefully this post was clear enough for you to get an idea of what it takes to come up with a strategy that can consistently overpower a team that may be mechanically more skilled than you.

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