Tracer: deciding between ultimate charging and support killing

In this meta tracer is one of the strongest heroes. She is seen in almost every team comp because of her high mobility, damage, and her strong ultimate. The most important thing about Tracer is that she can choose if she wants to focus her DPS on a single target and potentially get a kill. Or she can choose to deal damage to a tank hero with a larger hit-box and farm up ultimate percentage. The thing that separates Tracer players at the highest levels is their ability to decide when they should switch between these approaches. This decision is dependent on a whole bunch of variables. The primary factor is if the enemy team is really defensive or not. If the enemy team has a Reinhardt and a winston as their tank line then it is really easy for you as Tracer along with the help of your teams Winston/Genji/Soldier will be easy picks on the back line with little risk for your team. However, if the enemy team has a then it is risky to dive the back line and the enemy will be able to block your damage so your strategy should be to fire shots into the tanks until you can land your pulse bomb onto one of the tanks for a free kill. Other things to consider are if the enemy team has 3 dps heroes then they will likely be able to kill your back line before you can kill theirs so you should actually try to put pressure onto their dps to try and keep your supports alive longer. If the enemy team has a Roadhog or an Orisa then you should consider these heroes free ultimate charge. Because they are heroes that can catch you out you wont be able to dive the enemy supports. Also they have huge hit-boxes and cannot dive your back line like a Winston/ would this makes your best plan to shoot them until you get your ultimate, which will be quickly. If someone on your team has died you might want to take this opportunity to simply charge your ultimate and begin the next fight with your ultimate. There are a ton of different factors to consider when choosing between an aggressive style and a slower ultimate oriented approach. Some of the best Tracer players in the world fail to correctly target tanks or supports 100% of the time but focusing on this is an easy way to improve your Tracer play and can result in instantly won teamfights for your team.

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