Below is an overview of all the coaching services I offer. Please feel free to read through them and contact me via email with any questions you might have. If you would like to book a coaching session, then please click the "Home" button in the main menu and then select "book an appointment".  



Book a session of 1-4hrs to receive VOD review and analysis for a scrim period OR watch pre-recorded VODs as a group to focus on mechanical and team play errors. I will help your team realise where your focus should be to see the most improvement in the shortest amount of time.



Book a session of 1-4hrs to receive live feedback on your gameplay (no matter the rank). Using a personalised coaching plan I will be able to offer you a highly effective method of helping you improve your play as well as your rank. 



Throughout my coaching career, I have been able to implement drills that can effectively hone your skills in specific areas. I will create a personalised drill that can help you or your team improve a skill that you feel is lacking. I will explain the purpose of the drill to a point that you will be able to modify it to suit your expanding needs.

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User submitted VOD Review
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