News in Overwatch 


In order to provide you with the best coaching services possible, I like to keep updated on what is going on in the Overwatch Community as well as the video game industry. The more knowledge I can provide to you, the better player you will become. Click on a photo below to be linked to current news articles within the Overwatch Community. 

 This week's best Overwatch moments- Two amazing blind shots and the many sides of Mercy
US and Canada national Overwatch teams introduced at E3
Overwatch Lead Writer Debunks Popular Fan Theories about Tracer and Mercy
Overwatch Console Co-Op is Not in the Cards
Have you got what it takes for Blizzard's Open Division_
Fans petition Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan to stream himself playing
Jeff Kaplan calls out rude Overwatch
Overwatch team Yikes explains the rise of Mercy
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