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The Wolf In The Whale - Jordanna Max Brodsky Audiobook Review

Jordanna Max Brodsky The Wolf In The Whale Audiobook Review


This book was right up my alley. I love when mythology is woven into a story and this book had Inuit and Norse mythology somehow in harmony. The characters were complex and interesting, the plot was engaging and well-paced. Maybe it’s the Canadian in me but I love a snowy/boreal setting. I love hearing indigenous stories, though I regret not reading this as a physical copy so I could see the spelling of the gods and the angakoks(?), and from what I briefly researched a lot of the stories are real. I am a sucker for learning through fiction and also for stories with animal companions. One of my favourite books growing up was Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver and listening to this flooded me with good memories of wolves and nature. The only minor complaint I had was that I wasn’t really interested in the romance, but I picked the book without doing any research so I think it was just misaligned expectations. The romance portions were alright, if I enjoyed this aspect more I would have probably given it a perfect score. 4.5/5

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